Saturday 27 June 2009

8 Days and counting!

It's 9.42pm on Saturday evening, and this time next week I will be absolutely crapping myself! Just thinking about it now is making me nervous.

The last few day's training have gone really well, with some very encouraging sessions being done. I did a 10m TT on the bike today during my ride and went 90sec quicker than I did last week! Now I don't know whether I was going well today or I was just really crap last week, but it still pleased me and showed me that my taper is really starting to take effect. My 1 mile running efforts yesterday went well also, hitting some good times (for me!).

So with my physical condition being so good, now its time to focus on my psychological condition. The extra 20% that can really make the difference between having a good race or a bad race or between winning and loosing. The art of getting your mind into gear is a tricky one with so many variables that can mess with your head. For me I just keep visualising winning during my training sessions and then its a case of keeping control of my nerves and using them in a positive way.

All that will happen between now and next Sunday will be geared toward getting everything in peak condition, mind, body, wetsuit, bike and trainers!

Until next time!

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