Thursday 25 June 2009

The Countdown has begun...........

...............10 Days to go!!!

Well this is it, the final countdown has begun, just 10 days till the big day. The race that I have been training for all year is fast approaching. I am well and truly into my taper and my body is finally starting to respond to all the training that I have been doing. When I started my taper I found it hard to adapt to the reduced training loads. There's something about doing big miles, weather it's in the pool or out on the bike or pounding the streets, that gives you confidence. After doing a big ride or run we all get this massive sense of satisfaction and confidence in our abilities as an athlete, and when I started to taper it really felt like I wasn't doing much. I felt like I was loosing fitness and actually started to question in my own head as to weather I had done enough training all along! In reality I had actually done enough for about 4 people!! Now I'm 2 weeks into the taper and the intensity of my sessions has gone right up and I am starting to fly in my sessions. I'm going the quickest that I have in the last 18 months of training and I'm strong too, so the confidence is coming back again and the excitement and nerves are building day by day.

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