Thursday 9 July 2009

Well my first Ironman experience is over and it wasn't the happy ending that I was hoping for. To cut a long story short my total inexperience showed and I completely messed up my nutrition plan which ultimately caused me to collapse 5km into the run and put me in hospital!

The week leading up to the race was spot on in terms of training and resting and my pre race nutrition was fantastic. The whole build up to the race and atmosphere was buzzing and I don't think I'd ever been so excited to do a race before........ I was absolutely loving the whole Ironman experience!

In the race I had a decent swim exciting in 15Th place with a time of 51min. I found the swim comfortable and was looking forward to ripping the bike. I started the bike strong and then somewhat unexpectedly a pack formed. You sort of expect it in shorter races but I never expected it during an Ironman, I thought I'd be on my own during the ride. The pack was riding with the legal drafting rules but I found it so much easier at the back of the pack than at the front, so decided that's where I'd ride, saving my legs for the run!

This is where the problems sort of started, it wasn't until I was packing my bike up to come home that I realised that I'd only eaten half of what I'd planned to eat! Big mistake! I guess I got taken in to the race too much and wasn't concentrating on what I was doing. I really showed my inexperience here. It's good to race but I also need to pay attention to what I'm doing nutrition wise.

So anyway I got round the bike in 4.40:52 and started the run in 14Th place. I felt comfortable and did as I'd planned by starting slowly so that I could build my pace as my legs loosened off. Then it just all went wrong and I collapsed and was carted off to hospital!

5hrs and about 10 magnesium drips later I was released. Physically I was OK but mentally I was distraught, all that work that I had put in and all for nothing! It was time to pick myself up and re-focus.

So at this time I'm possibly thinking of doing Monaco 70.3 on the 6Th September and then on the 4Th October Challenge Barcelona Ironman.

This year has been a bit of a disaster to say the least, but I'm still focused and am as motivated as ever, so hopefully I can turn my season around and really show what I'm capable of.

Big thanks to my sponsors, Elagen sport, Energicer, Saltstick and Extreme Endurance. Your product are fantastic!

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