Tuesday 14 July 2009

Back on it!!

I'd had a week a moping around feeling sorry for myself, getting over the disappointment of Austria, eating rubbish and not alot of training! But now its time to get back into the routine of train, eat, sleep, train, eat, sleep and mixed in there work and seeing Marija!
My goals for the season have had to be changed due to my mess up at Ironman and I'm really motivated again!
My big goal now is going to be Challenge Barcelona Ironman on October 4Th (Austria didn't put me off the distance, just made me want to do it more!) and before that I'll try and do a 70.3 Half Ironman, possibly Monaco on September 6Th.
So along with some UK based events hopefully I can turn my season around.
I've even started to look at next year already! Its funny what you do when your motivated and not training that much! My good friend "Oakley Tim" is getting married next year and I think he wants to go and do 70.3 New Orleans Half Ironman for his stag do!! Then after that I'm going to plan to do Ironman South Africa in April, another good friend of mine Nino Baglioni is going over to do it so that should be good fun. Then it will be back to Austria in July to lay a few demons to rest.
Before I go I'd just like to say congratulations to my friends Ady "Sweat" and Bekki on the birth of their second child together, Mason. I went to see the little fella and he was only 17hrs old! I think he smiled at me!
I'd also like to wish good luck to Mesh and Keis on their wedding on Saturday!
Best go get some training in.... see ya!

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