Thursday 9 December 2010

What I've been doing!

I've been getting stuck into some good training recently, even with all the snow and cold weather. Since I started my winter training I've managed to put together a real solid block with plenty of swimming and running with only a small amount of biking. I've seen a steady improvement in both my swimming and running over the last few weeks, which I put down to improved strength in my swim and a bit of weight loss which has helped my run, not to mention the overall consistent training which is probably the most important part to see an improvement.
I've been really mixing the strokes up a lot in the swim and one of my key strength sessions in the week has been a session which consists of: 1000m w/up - 8 x 100 IM off 1.40 - 40 x 25 fly off 30sec - 1500 pull/band/pads - 400ez bk/fr - Not a massive session at 4700m but a solid strength session that I've really felt the benefit from. My run training has been going well, been getting in some solid long miles off road with some solid treadmill sessions that have really helped improved my leg speed. The bike training has been minimal at the minute, which hasn't been a bad thing with all the snow, but I will be stepping up the bike training over the Christmas period. One added session has been the Watt bike session that I am taking at The Bike Studio, above Lutterworth Cycle Centre in Lutterworth. These bikes are fantastic with all the info you get off them you can really track your progress from week to week. Been getting a good group of cyclists and fitness enthusiasts coming to the class.
No colds or infections yet! Thanks Elagen there for helping with that!
Until next time, be careful out there in the ice!

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