Thursday 18 November 2010


Well it's been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog, too long! So much has happend in the last 16 months since my last post, most of it bad too. The last post featured my dissapointing debut at the Ironman distance, and thing's haven't exactly improved since then.
The bad luck all kicked off on August 6th 2009 when I rode my bike into the back off a generator at 25mph! Not good and it left me with my left hand shattered and my thumb hanging off, a smashed left kneecap, a serious injury to my right thigh and torn ligaments and tendons to my right shuolder, a week in hospital, four months off training (well I did get back on my bike after two!) All of which I'm still recovering from now! So all in all not good when your looking at doing another Ironman season.
I managed to start back with some structure to my training in January 2010 and was confident I would have a good season. It all started well with a win at the "No Frills Duathlon" and a new bike course record! Although it was only a small event, it did show that I was getting some fitness back.
As the season went on my fitness was improving, I managed a top 20 placing in both 70.3 New Orleans and Half Challenge Barcelona, although I was quite far behind the winners so I still had a long way to go.
The first big goal of the year was Ironman France in Nice, and the scene of my next disaster. I got knocked off my bike the night before the race on the way to transition and the impact bust my headset which I didn't find out about until 40mins before the race start! I couldn't get it repaired so no race start for me! Still not an Ironman!!!
Next up I managed to get into Ironman UK in sunny Bolton. The race was going well and I was holding 5th Place until 4 miles into the run when the knee I had an operation on after my accident started hurting and reduced me to a walk. I so wanted to finish so I switched my stopwatch off and dicided to walk and jog to the line to claim my first Ironman finish! Not quite the result I'd trained for but at least I got across that line.
Next disaster was at the Vitruvian Middle distance Tri where I managed to crash into some crowd control barriers within the first 500m of the bike. There was no crowd there though, luckily!
Then onto the last big race of the year, Challenge Barcelona. I felt I'd got into the shape of my life going into this one as some of my sessions where awesome and I felt amazing. Then the bad luck came and I managed to get a cold which developed into a chest infection where i couln't stop coughing, especially during the night. The night before I had a good nights sleep with no waking up coughing etc. So I woke up feeling pretty good and looking forward to the race. The swim was OK my chest was a little tight which made me need to ease up a little. But the water was nice, not rough, just a standard sea swim I guess. I rode OK and started the run in 8th place. then the chest kicked in, I ended up walking again, and coughing up blood! Not good. but again I finished.
So onto 2011 and my training has already begun. Its time to put the last 16 month behind me and to look forward to a beast of a season! I have a few plans in the pipeline and will post my race plans shortly.
A big thanks goes out to Elagen Sport for their continued support in keeping me training at such a high level. Also to Total Fitness Nottingham for supplying me with all my kit. I only hope I can repay you both with some good race results in 2011.

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