Friday 18 September 2015

Ironman Lazarote

So from South Africa and back home to recover and then to get ready for Ironman Lazarote. I took a break before starting training again and got back into it pretty quickly. I seem to pull up really well from races and can get back to full training fairly rapidly. I felt ready and headed off to Lazarote. Was feeling ok before the race and was looking forward to having a good go.
Swim went very average, the bike started ok but like South Africa I just didn't seem to have my usual power. I was holding my position and then started to pick riders off and was moving well through the field. It was when I got to about 90km that I just seemed to blow for no reason. I'd stuck to my power zone, taken the required calories but just fell apart. From there I'd given up! I rode to the finish but I literally rolled back to T2 and didn't go out on the run. Gutted again and very frustrated!

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