Friday 18 September 2015

The Outlaw

So my season was going great......NOT! I decided to go back to the Outlaw Triathlon, a race which I'd won the year before. I was one of the favourites for the race because I'd won it the year before. You'd think there would be loads of pressure on me to win again but a felt super relaxed and confident. I'd changed a few things after Lanzarote, my diet and the way I was training, so was hopeful as to what these changes would bring.
The race itself had a slightly better field than the year before with 4 of the previous 5 winners all racing. I started ok and came out the water in an ok position but slower that I'd hoped even though I was swimming really well in training. But when I got on the bike I felt great, back to what I'm used to feeling on the bike, the power that had been missing all year in races had finally arrived! I was moving through the field pretty quickly and was up on leader Harry Wiltshire after 30km. We pretty much rode together for the remainder of the ride and I felt comfortable. We were taking time out of the guys behind us. I also knew that Harry wasn't finishing due to a foot injury so I wasn't too fussed about what he was doing the rest of the race.
We came off the bike together and Harry darted off, but he dropped out after 15km to leave me in the lead. I didn't know but I had close to an 18min lead which I held to the finish. It was cold wet and windy but I was so pleased to win.
Finally a race to save my season! 

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