Friday 18 September 2015

Ironman South Africa 2015

My first race of the year was yet again out in South Africa. I was spending 5 weeks out there to prepare for the race, training with South African legend, Raynard Tissink and his group. I went out there in pretty good shape, and again stopped at the same place I'd stopped at in previous years, Endless Summer Guest House, run by the fantastic hostess Colleen. She really goes out of her way to make you feel at home. So I was settled and training well. Raynards group were a great bunch to train with, they trained hard but we also had a laugh and they took me into their group like I was their own.
I had Gareth to swim with, who is a fantastic swimmer and really gave me a good kicking each lunch time. We did quite a few group rides where Ryan would try and ride away from all the time, the boy really does need putting on a leash! We also did group track sessions which were good to get stuck into. I really had never prepared better for a race.
The race itself started ok and was out the water with quite a few of the favourites but had started cramping in my calf about 2km into the swim. It didn't really slow me as I managed to stay with the group I was swimming with. But I got cramp again going into T1 and tripped up, from there the group I was with just went! I lost the group right there and then! Start of the ride and tried to get into my rhythm but it just wasn't there, my calf was tight and kept going into spasm during the ride. I rode ok but not where I wanted to be or should have been.
So onto the run and the less said about that the better........I finished but it was a case of run/walk to the finish. Not what I wanted or should have achieved......Gutted!

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